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Actions and resistance

Autonomous Magazines
contact between anarchistic/radical left magazines/newsletters in europe to exchange articles and write for each others magazines We had a short meeting with people from 6 different magazines to exchange practice of making newesletters/magazines and to look at the possibility to keep in contact. [author: carla]

Building European disobedience
The idea of this meeting, as a spin off of the strategy debates, was to bring together different groups and networks that are interested in and have been experimenting with various forms of social disobedience. Around the table gathered for example people of the Wombles, Ya Basta Milano, Yomango, Milieuwerkgroep, Movimento de Resistencia Global de Zaragoza, Ecologgistas en Accion Malaga and Global Action Osnabruck. As a result came out the organisation of an action day on the 21th of December. The discussion will continue the next months but right now each group can put its own emphasis, while the link with Argentinean uprising (20 dec ’01) and the shopping period is obvious. [Mathias en Jonas]

Global season of Struggle workshop
Because of the proliferation of calls for peoples global actions this workshops asks if a colective call may be desirable. An initiative was taken in Strasbourg to invite the different collectives working on days of action to inter-connect and uphold a collective call in order to highlight the inter-relatedness of these struggles and provide much needed support for each other. Collectives involved in Strasbourg were mobilising among others on: the NATO summit in Prague, the IMF/WB summit in Washington DC, the blockade of the school of the Americas, the protests against the FTAA in Quito Equador, solidarity actions with CONFEUNASSC Bogota Colombia, media democracy day, the caravane for illegal immigrants Berlin Germany, the WEF Salzburg Swiss, and others…

Workshop on Free spaces/free zones
Worskhop was called together by people from a group in Amsterdam ('Vrije Ruimte') and one in London, which build up a network around Free places in London and now trying to make it nationwide. [author: carla]

Europe shutdown DSEI workshop
Puropse of the workshop was to plan and network groups who are interested to shut down or disrupt the DSEI arms fare which will take place in Docklands, London: 6-12th Sept. 2003. DSEI is Europes's largest arms fare and one of perhaps 5 arms fares in the world on this scale. [author: Benjamin]

Towards an Autonomous Space at the European Social Forum in Florence November 2002
Outcome of the meeting in Leiden / NL during the PGA conference. Diverse groups and activists from around Europe (including from Italy) that have met at the No Border camp in Strasbourg (19.-28.7) and at the PGA (Peoples Global Action) European conference in Leiden / NL (31.8-4.9) have been working on the idea of an autonomous space in Florence. The initial political motivations for such an autonomous space are expresses in a letter released after the Strasbourg camp (see first report from Strasbourg pasted below).

information, discussion and actions

Roundtable discussion: Beyond Rio+10
Outcomes of discussion on Rio+10 and greenwash. - At the Rio + 10 World Summit on Sustainable Development, the WTO agenda and particularly the Doha 'development round' have become incorporated in the Rio +10 text, and program. For instance the services needed by the developing world will be offered as privatised services, under the General Agreement in Trade in Services (GATS) and environmental protection for sustainability is being translated into business opportunities for multinationals. [Linda Kaucher]

workshop: commercialisation of education
Workshop about strategy, goals and ideals of the anti-commercial academic movement. [author: aik]

The Disappearing Computer
We are in a proces of witnessing a move from using mixed media (radio, sms, billboard, television) to create user experiences to designing inclusive experiences by mediatizing the environment.

European Social Consulta: Creating Social Spaces for Debate.
The ESC is an initiative aiming at creating social debate and reflection in European society in a horizontal and participatory way. The idea is to facilitate spaces where people can encounter each other and talk about local (and global) problems and find solutions to them through direct democracy. It does so with a set of hallmarks similar to those of the PGA, yet differs from the PGA in that it offers open space for discussion where it is possible for non-politicised people to participate and contribute to debates on issues that concern their lives. As some people in the workshop put it: The Consulta can create forums where we could comfortably invite our grandmothers and other family to participate, while the PGA which is more action focused could not do so.

Israel/Palestine conflict

Latin America

Workshop on privacy
A workshop was held this afternoon at the Boerhavalaan, where ASCII's squatted internet cafe and the independent media center. A workshop was given today on computer privacy and the use of encryption, held right after the workshop on surveillance. This is a summary of what was said. [author: SuZQ]

War in Congo.

World Trade Agreements, Reproductive Rights and Access to Health Care.
a workshop organisad by Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights The main topics covered by the workshop were: presenting the Women's Global Network and People's Health Movement, defining reproductive health; the impact of globalisation and privatisation on women's health with examples from various parts of the world. Most of the participants declared at the beginning that they know nothing about the subject and that they came to learn, but in the end it turned out that they knew already facts from their countries and that this workshop was a great occasion to make new connections and see with different eyes. [author: teo]


Presentations from and about Eastern Europe
Discussion was popular, at least 30 persons came to listen and learn about what is going on in the Eastern Europe. Groups from East Europe present were Citizen’s environmental group from Poland, Green network of alternative groups Croatia, Rainbow Keepers and Autonomous action from the former Soviet Union and Czechoslovakian Anarchist Federation among others. From West, people came at least from Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Leeds Earth First!, Abolition of the border from below-bulletin, No one is illegal of Germany, Energy project of the Transnational Institute and Osteuropa AG of Berlin among the others. [author: Antti ]

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