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 Autonomous Magazines

author: carla

contact between anarchistic/radical left magazines/newsletters in europe to exchange articles and write for each others magazines
We had a short meeting with people from 6 different magazines to exchange practice of making newesletters/magazines and to look at the possibility to keep in contact.
We would like to make a link on the pga-website to a new website with contactaddresses of the different magazines around europe.
And we would like to write articles about struggles in the different countries for each others magazines in the future. You'll hear more from us later!

next conference

author:: jan (Magazine: De Nar) 05.09.2002 16:54

It's a pity that we didn't think of arranging such a meeting long before. During the conference I had interesting contacts with people and I really wanted to participate in this meeting.
But at the same time the meetings took place I had to be somewhere else.

Next time we should plan the meeting in the 'official' European PGA conference.



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