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 PGA Latin America (LA) Workshop 2/3

Talk on FTAA, and Plan Puebla Panama

There was supposed to be a presentation on Columbia and discussion on future cooperation, but the people who were supposed to be doing the presentation are not here, so missing a lot of practical input.

Proposal for agenda –

  1. Columbia – in time of urgency of dates - 16th of sep march, 26th occupation on presidential land, then 1st of nov quito hemispheric conference, in november also the blockade of the school of americas in the USA(nov 15-17).
  2. Presentation of other ongoing campaigns like nunca mas and anti-coke followed by proposal from Olivier about the Chilean person being extradited from south africa

also have to coordinate the season of struggle – extended period in which people are mobilising to link and support different actions and thing going on over the world.

September 16th – Agrarian protest in columbia – calls to action – one from via campesina, one from someone else (the CNC – nation org of peasants) . Tryin to propose a new agrarian reform, asking for actions in all of europe on this dte as there will bea lo of repression, asking for international presence in columbia. They are going to do something in the asturias and also probably in amsterdam. As yet no mailing list or website.

Ways to be active – actions against embassies and consulates, sending letters and faxes within europe to make sure that people are aware of what is happening. The call needs to be translated. Happening at the same time as WEF thing in austria, is it posible for people to do an action there at the same time.

The situation is unimaginably bad in columbia since the elections, analogy is of germany in 1943. Emptied the prisons in order to make room for all of the people they are going to arrest. They really need people to call attention to the repression. Do something, even a small thing.
Can contact local via campesina groups in europe and try and find out what they are doing and encourage them to do it or join in with them.
Embassy actions don’t have to be huge in order for them to be successful.

How is it posible to contact the people in colombia to let them know of actions that are happening? When we send around the call, can give details on where to end info about actions to.

Support groups for columbia in barcelona, cultural and artistic groups, want to do somethign in the embasy, but also in the civil government place. Was not just the mobilisations, between then and mid october there will be a big exhibition about what has happened in the last 30 years in columbia about the campaigns and alerts.

Working group of people who are interested in being involved – too many to write down.

Contrast of amazingly shit things in olumbia, but also some really amazing struggles and posibilities and stuff in many other places in latin america, many uprisings that are so massive and ungovernable. Quito has the potential to really kick off something huge. The medium term objective is a peasant upising in all the andes.

People from Ya Basta find the lobby groups and corporations who are going to the official alca conference to do actions on them, so to give it more reality for the people in italy to do actions on.


 Latin America Solidarity

author: kev et all, latin-solidarity working group

This document contains a summary of a discussion about Latin America and the FTAA, as well as specific Latin America trade agreement. It contains a call to action, a season of action as well.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the speaker who was supposed to attend the meeting and discuss the current political situation in Latin America was not present, the meeting elaborated on forthcoming mobilizations and international solidarity actions.

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