Workshops Notes

 Global season of Struggle workshop

tuesday 13.30 hr koppenhinksteeg pga Leiden

Because of the proliferation of calls for peoples global actions this workshops asks if a colective call may be desirable. An initiative was taken in Strasbourg to invite the different collectives working on days of action to inter-connect and uphold a collective call in order to highlight the inter-relatedness of these struggles and provide much needed support for each other. Collectives involved in Strasbourg were mobilising among others on: the NATO summit in Prague, the IMF/WB summit in Washington DC, the blockade of the school of the Americas, the protests against the FTAA in Quito Equador, solidarity actions with CONFEUNASSC Bogota Colombia, media democracy day, the caravane for illegal immigrants Berlin Germany, the WEF Salzburg Swiss, and others…

After Strasbourg however, communication grew quiet. Now this workshop poses the questions, do we want a collective call? Are we going to print a poster or some such?

Who is here: dutch green left party, viva zapata geneva, mrg catalonia, esperanto committy netherlands, anarchist paper lisbon, greenpepper editorial amsterdam, disobedienti kopenhagen, campaigners against ftaa canada, videoactivists london, direct action platform against Euro-summits from 2004 leuven, latin-american solidarity group amsterdam, media democracy day group, radio eurodusnie leiden, davos group geneva…


After Strasbourg a call has been written, reflections from movements in Quito Equador (against FTAA/ALCA) were incorporated, also from Prague (NATO) and Washington DC (IMF/WB); this call is in the reader of the pga conference. The call has been translated to several languages (catalan and hebrew etc.). A suggestion is to think pro-actively on coming seasons as well. The dates that have been discussed go from september 16th to the end of november. Opinions differ as to open up this timeframe or keep it as is. Visibility is still a key point. The symbolic message of the links should be brought to bear fully on public opinion.

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