Workshops Notes

 Building European disobedience

author: Mathias en Jonas

The idea of this meeting, as a spin off of the strategy debates, was to bring together different groups and networks that are interested in and have been experimenting with various forms of social disobedience. Around the table gathered for example people of the Wombles, Ya Basta Milano, Yomango, Milieuwerkgroep, Movimento de Resistencia Global de Zaragoza, Ecologgistas en Accion Malaga and Global Action Osnabruck. As a result came out the organisation of an action day on the 21th of December. The discussion will continue the next months but right now each group can put its own emphasis, while the link with Argentinean uprising (20 dec ’01) and the shopping period is obvious.

The meeting started with a discussion about the possibility to organise a day of decentralized actions before the European Social Forum (7 – 13 nov. ’02). Most groups felt they wouldn’t have enough time to organise a strong event so fast, although it would be interesting to bring our own message during these days. For the northern groups the time problem could not really be resolved because they stay busy preparing the mobilisations for the European summit in Kopenhagen (14 dec.). Finally we reached a consensus to choose saturday the 21th of December.

There was proposed to focus the content of the actions on three main issues: migration, free access and global war. Although connecting these three issues could be possible the first anniversary of the Argentinean uprising opens a lot of perspectives. Moreover it was mentioned that actions in the Christmas shopping period could have a far bigger economical impact. The meeting continued with a brainstorm, out of which came yet a few action hints:

Furthermore it was mentioned to keep in mind that the disobedience should be easy to recognize and to participate in. The common element in the different groups and networks could be a colour, symbol or form but a lot is still open for the discussion that will go on first on a local and regional level and on a European email list.

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