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List of materials needed for the conference.

Info on legal issues about technical stuff entering the country will be provided soon (hopefully).

  • big military or circus tents (5) / smaller ones
  • electric cables and plugs
  • photocopy machine / A4 printing paper / computer printers
  • small fm radios
  • megaphones
  • walkie talkies
  • medical kits and medical materials
  • rope, metal bars, nails, screws and buildings tools
  • all kind of small office material as pens, papers, glue, scissors…
  • sound system
  • video
  • beamers
  • video recorders/sound recorders
  • 11 computers for net cafe
  • 1 server
  • laptops for taking minutes…

Call for computers

We are finalising agreement with school in jajinci, and contract that we made points out that our compensation to school will be consisted of computers and other equipment.
So far,we have 4 pc's, 1 good server,and 3 not so good machines. for 'school people' apetite this is not enough,and definitevly we will need more.
So,in order to avoid any legal complications with school after the conference, we will need to donate more.
Thats why it would be super-very-meaningfull and helpfull if some of your groups and collectives can bring computers and printers (not weaker that pentium 1- 200 MHz, usable;) that would be donated to school.

Thanks in advance.


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