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This is not the final release - something can be changed.

Minutes of preparatory meeting of 16 - 18 April 2004

There’s a:

  • (D) when more debate is needed and a
  • (P) when people are needed to take the .responsibility for the task talked about, a
  • (C) when a clear consensus was sortedout.

contents :

  1. Who's who ?
    1. Short presentation of the various groups and people who participated to the meeting
    2. People and groups already involved with something
    3. Global coordination group
    4. Presentation of the various groups involved inside the DSM network
  2. Logistic and content
    1. visitif of resnik and first discussions about the various sites of the conference
    2. a few words about local politics and situation
    3. Info-sharing note from javier
    4. General Logistic of the conference
      1. working groups
      2. coordination group
    5. Logistic / specific issues
      1. people coming to belgrade before the conference
      2. next preparation meetings
      3. archives of the pga-process email list
      4. generic mandate for all logistical subgroups
      5. campsite / venue and lodging
      6. video
      7. internet café
      8. volunteers
      9. food
      10. hardware things
      11. Kids group
      12. water and sanitary things
      13. finance report
    6. Communication
      1. contact group
      2. contacts with the no border network
      3. Groups from eastern Europe linked with social forums
      4. work on the newsletter
      5. work on the conference call
      6. Limits on opening
      7. website
      8. wiki
      9. IRC meetings
      10. new conference newsletter
      11. Applications
      12. Visibility and medias
      13. opening event in Belgrade
      14. translations
      15. contacts with local people
      16. wages and money during the conference
    7. content and programm :
      1. Main issues and how we'll work on it
      2. about the gender group proposals
      3. the cultural programm
    8. Evaluation and feedbacks on the meeting

I) Who's who ?

A ) Presentation of the various groups and people who participated to the meeting / and what they're already involved with in the conference preparation

(I couldn't take detailed notes about every groups and there might be some bad mistakes in the names and presentation, so please give corrections for the final version)

  • J London Action Ressource Center, London / Involved in communication translation, media
  • M, Eurodusnie (Leiden anarchist collective) / involved in finances, fundraising, website
  • C, belgrade, DSM / involved with the infrastructures and kids group
  • D, resnik, belgrade DSM / involved in finance and culture group
  • P, leiden, eurodunie / finance, soudsystem
  • S, belgrade, SUS, DSM /content group
  • M, finland, various squatting and political groups
  • M, belgrade, DSM /contact and logistic
  • P bosnia, anticapitalist, food not bombs, animal liberation collectives with changing names,
  • I, belgrade, student in biology, volunteer
  • I, belgrade, immigration collective, DSM / content group finance and visibility,
  • M, belgrade, DSM / culture, finance
  • A, belgrade DSM / content group,
  • A, london, LARC, library/ finance
  • J, london, LARC and radio project, agriculture and genetic engeniering
  • F, belgrade DSM / relations with local communities in resnik, culture group
  • T, dijon, espace autogéré des Tanneries
  • M, dijon, espace autogéré des tanneries
  • R, PRINT / communication, media and computer infrastrructures
  • N, dijon, espace autogéré des tanneries, involved with sans-titre network /contact group, gender isssues.
  • J, ales involved with sans-titre / kids groups
  • M, Cardiff, anarchist network / moderates the process list.
  • T, hungary, liked with social forums and altergobalists groups /
  • M infopoints network, germany
  • N, infoshop in slovenia.
  • P,GB and Zagreb,
  • I, Belgrade
  • M, DSM, indymedia Belgrade,

B) People and groups already involved with something

  • Finance : paki.tv[AT]cyber-rights.net
  • Wiki : paki.tv[AT]cyber-rights.net
  • Food : bozavine[AT]yahoo.co - seeds[AT]gn.apc.org - (Milan SPK) decorte[AT]eunet.yu
  • kids groups : ikkyu[AT]no-log.org
  • Water and electricity : mi.family[AT]sezampro.yu – ikkyu[AT]no-log.org
  • finance : (paco) paco[AT]eurodusnie.nl - (Milan SPK) decorte[AT]eunet.yu
  • internet cafe : rom / djrom[AT]altern.org
  • Equipment/hardware : mi.family[AT]sezampro.yu
  • Volunteers : skrati[AT]yahoo.com - seeds[AT]gn.apc.org
  • Campsite/venue/lodging : zabac_car[AT]yahoo.com
  • contact with the no border network : matias[AT]q-olio.net
  • Culture : decorte[AT]eunet.yu
  • video collective : decorte[AT]eunet.yu
  • Pga-process list : bozavine[AT]yahoo.co.uk
  • Contact group : pgaeuconfcontact[AT]riseup.net - nicolu[AT]no-log.org - milosh stephan - synergesis[AT]yahoo.de - zapata[AT]sezampro.yu
  • website : serge[AT]eurodusnie.nl
  • content group : migrativeart[AT]skynet.be
  • Sound system and radio station : zabac_car[AT]yahoo.com - javier[AT]spc.org
  • translation : zapata[AT]sezampro.yu

Empty functions

  • Application : ???????????
  • Press team : ??????????
  • Medical : ????????
  • Legal : ?????????
  • Electricity : ???????????
  • Sleeping spaces : ?????
  • Visas : ??????
  • contact activities with locals before the conference : ???

C) Global coordination group :

  • Logistics : marco[AT]eurodusnie.nl / mi.family[AT]sezampro.yu
  • Program : (maybe someone from sans-titre/ stella) / migrativeart[AT]skynet.be
  • Finance : seeds[AT]gn.apc.org / decorte[AT]eunet.yu
  • Communication : zapata[AT]sezampro.yu / paki.tv[AT]cyber-rights.net

D) Presentation of the various groups involved inside the DSM network :

  • Block is a group who try to rethink anarchism in a renewed way and wich is orientated in theoriticalwork.
  • Stany pany collective is a two years old collective wich started as a group of people doing illegal benefit parties. It’s active in doing organisation of pga and is doing anti-war actions. They made some networking with kosovo, croeatia and network with wider collectives
  • kollektiv Immigratie : it was foundating during the war in Belgium. They work on the topic of transnational identities with people from Belgium, luxembourg and Holland. They work with excluded subjects in the society (in Belgium with sans-papiers and workers from Renault villevoorde)
  • Political combinate works on a theater play with excluded people in belgrade. Especially with roma people who have difficulties with school, refugees, unemployed, and Chinese. They also work a lot on printing materials.
  • SUS is a youth radical left group. They’re students and are involved with activities at the university. They do infrastructure job for dsm. They want to legalise marijuana and free education.
  • Good will group is a student group.linked with SUS
  • Biology students : Campains against vivisection, environnement.

Other groups around but not involved with the conference :

  • Black block hip-hop (benefits concerts and concerts)
  • AZIN : huge network / feminist collectives
  • Society to fight against the society from novisad. They’re working on magazine called atheist.
  • Subwar is a group of people who are doing food not bombs actions and anti war actions.
  • Prota contra are doing street theatre / puppet theatre to fight against joining the NATO.

The number of people of DSM involved in the conference process is around 15 people for the core group and can sometimes go to thirty in some meetings.

II) Logistic

A) visit if of resnik and first discussions about the various sites of the conference

there are various possibilities for the welcoming of the participants : camping or being welcome in some people's home. It should be mentionned in the conference application form wich solution people's prefer..

List of venues (javier's report gives new informations about the locations and is thererefore added to this part):


  • 2 possible camps near the lake
    (problem with the one near the dam wich is very boggy and wich is a public access and therefore could retrain people’s freedom of use of this space) /apparently it’s free because it’s owned by the state.
  • It could be a good place to organize outreach activities with locals.
  • The negociations are done with the vice-president from the council area. They just need to sign a contract. It would mean that the people who usually use this place for sheeps would have to go elsewhere. We’ll have to tell them well in advance that this field will be used. I asked wether it would be possible to go with some international people on monday and to meet with the municipality. There could be a little wooden bridge built between the two fields
  • stage field : there’s a problem with the noise that could be made for neighbours.
  • The lake : twenty to fifty locals are usually going at the lake to swim during summer’s afternoon. The lake also bring us a problem of security with possibilities of people drowning. There’s also a problem with the cleanness of the lake.


  • the school is negociated with the schoolmanagement and the agreement needs to be formalised. It can welcome 25/30 people per classrooms and there are five classrooms. The school might have some cost. There might some renovation of the school in july.
  • (ps : I might add that we heard of quite bad mafia stories about the management of the school. Stories that would need to cget checked. maybe jean-phi can explain exactly what he heard)
  • the field near the school : it’s going to be flatten in the next few weeks.. It could welcome one hundred tents and/or a kitchen. It’s a good place for children’s as there is a playground.

old community center

  • there’s a room for around 100 people and we can do cinemas there. Chairs are needed for that
    there's another room where there could be workshops (30 – 50 people)
  • it’s owned by the council.

municipality room

  • nobody uses it during the summer

factory space

  • two workers unions want to give us a space to meet in the factory. It belongs to unions. It’s in Rakovica at five minutes by bus from resnik. We might need a bus and arrange transport. Maybe we could use the union bus. These unions are local groups of big unions from yougoslavia and apparently they work in a more or less independent way. A meeting with them has to be organised..

Tents near the refugee camp

  • it’s a camp of 400 hundred people from Kosovo and made of barracks that were used for workers. They live a very miserable life. There are still a few people from bosnia. There could be a space for workshops. migrativeart[AT]skynet.be is connected with the people in the refugee camp.
  • field across the lake : one is a private land. The owner has to be found. There’s no road access and no electricity access.
  • this field could be a place for kids as it looks safer than other places.
  • another one is state owned and could be asked as well.

Market square

  • it can be used for open theater and art performance outside. A stage could be put there.

pga office in the center of Belgrade

  • it's a flat right in towncenter, with a computer, internet, kitchen, bathroom and sleeping room. It can be used by people from abroad who would like to come and help.

pga office in Resnik

  • it’s a flat. Some money is paid for it. Maybe it would be better to find a real office near july. The school could be used as a bigger office for the conference.
  • Giving these two spaces, 8 people could come to live in the two offices to help for the pga work as well as having a cooking, living and sleeping space.

sava center

  • it’s the main city congress hall. We can have it for free if we negociate well. We can a big public opening/presentation event in this space. with 1000 people and simultaneous translations in 7 languages. It could also be used for plenary sessions. (the sava center occupation has still to be decided)

B) a few words about local politics and situation (knowing that a lot more should be said):

Resnik is part of Rakovica district. DSS is in power in resnik. It is the Serbian democratic party (extreme right wing).. They try to appear as democratic and European. Resnik is the poorest district of Belgrade and right wings parties had the strategy to do a lot of propaganda towards poor people. There seems to be no actively violent extreme rights groups. besides of all this poverty and rampant nationalism, there are a lot of great social life habits and practices that can be found in belgrade (community life, gardening, street life, market with local producers, various skillfull ways of self-subsistence, factory struggles...)

C) Info-sharing note from javier

On my last day in Belgrade I went to visit the DMB factory pictured at the back of the call. I went with Milosh from Political Combi

We met some people from the union and workers. Talked about the global movement, the conference and asked them to get involved. Despite an initial feeling of martian landing, they reacted quite positively. They will look at what issues they want to talk about and we (wider we) will have another meeting in june to fine tune.

Issues that came up:

  • ownership of technology,

  • exchange of experiences between and east and west (coming to neoliberalism from diff avenues)

  • the yugoslav experience of self-management, theory and reality (they were positive about it but also critical of the managerial role of the party...) I talked a bit about the fallacy of opposing environment and labour (moving production to dirtier countries, social costs, etc), and they seemed interested but clueless. They need a proper text explaining the issues to be discussed in the conference, etc. They have already seen the call and agree, but need more concrete info. MIlosh and Ivana should be in touch. I reckon a round up of the clusters should do, as we wont have the final programme till july.

    There is a big practical thing around the factory. They have a building that used to be the Faculty of Organisational Sciences during Tito, but it's now empty. We could use it for workshops and it has a big amphitheatre maybe for the plenary.

    The local union people have a dream-plan to take it out of the privatisation packages (yes the complex is in the middle of being sold for pennies) and turn it into a formation and communications/media centre for ex industrial workers. They were really interested about
    Indymedia! They are part of a big union, but we are dealing with local branch (we met them through the mother of one of the resnik dsm guys)

    As it happens in Belgrade, the keys for the building were with someone... so we couldnt see inside. It looked a bit run down but big. Someone needs to have a proper look. The main problem would be access, as foreigners need to register to get in the industrial complex. I can see the revolt, so we need to devise a way to deal with this in a group way.

    Afterwards, we went to visit some union people in another factory who had been victimised. They were camping outside the gates and cooking lunch to get people to join them on their break. There were posters with their mugshots banning them from going in, and telling workers they would be repressed if they supported them. The security guards were looking over us all the time, and people in cars were on the other side of the road. It happens that the factory is run by a big mafioso, ex minister of work. He used to be a union activist there but now is super rich and corrupt. The courts have said the unionists had to be reinstated, but he wipes his bum with the court orders. Milosh will be translating some info into english. It would be nice to send them some letters, although i explicitly told them not to hope much effective help. They were interested in the pga and will come in july, maybe some of us could go one day if they are still camped outside their factory, as it looks likely unfortunately.

    Afterwards we went to the school. I took some pics of the horrible nationalistic mural outside, which could be transformed as part of the conference, although it may spark a big local argument. I'm sending them to serge. It would be great if some postyu person could explain the meaning.

    Then we talked to the secretary. She said everything had to be decided by the director, who wasn't there, and we needed some proper text explaining the conference.

    She talked for ages about the nice things they do with kids form refugee and roma backgrounds. They also did some special program with the children of some unemployed factory workers. I couldnt pick all of it in the translation, so maybe other people can chip in.

    Interestingly, she knew some local people who had tried to do some environmental project in the area around the lake. They found it very difficult because the land is under the control of several institutions. Lesson for us, and she also gave the numbers of those people.

    My personal intervention was limited to a ritual performance as the western sorted partner, bla bla.. but she appeared quite pleased and it looks that not they believe more in the conference. Before it seems it was just a local kids crazy story, not there are some internationals involved... this is a recurrent theme in Belgrade.

    Afterwards we saw some really big and nice fields behind the school, and someone is going to ask about them, probably private but for hire.

    We didnt have time to visit the refugee camp near Resnik, but when DSM go maybe they could write a little report

    The other interesting place i visited was the catering factory, but this is part of a wider report on food for the conference. I think joyce will write it.

enough for now

D) General Logistic of the conference :

it has to be well coordinated.A lot people can do speficic things

Marco did a presentation about how it worked in leiden, in order to give a basis for this new conference. He will add a detailed diagramm to this report, as we more or less decided to keep large parts of thos organisationnal model.

To put it shortly already, there was in leiden a coordination group of few people and five working groups:

1. working groups

  • A programm group that makes sure that everything goes together in a coherent program / applications

  • a communication group : website, application for participants , infopoint, contact, newsletter, radio, press communication / negociation with the authorities / contact with local people.

  • a logistic group : location, venues, campsite, translation, videowork, internetcafe/office, projection, logging, sanitation/ water, food. / kids group / security (bertha)

  • a finance group : participation, foundraising, travel help….

We had a debate about who would take decisions between specific groups and coordination group and how these decisions would be taken outside big preparatory meetings (for example, who decides how much money can be given to the culture group to welcome bands). But nothing really clear was consensed on, so I bet we'll have to discuss more about it.

2. Coordination group for the conference

  • (C) The coordination group will be made of 4 coordination teams of two people each coordinating the work of the various teams . These coordination group will have to organise through meetings, mails or irc meetings.

  • (C) There will be one people from DSM and one people from abroad in each group. These people need to make sure that the work is done and to ease the coordination and information flow between the various subgroups.

  • (C) - the people who proposed themselves :
    • Logistics : Marco - Marco[AT]eurodusnie.nl / majda - mi.family[AT]sezampro.yu
    • Program : (maybe someone from sans-titre/ stella) / ivana – migrativeart[AT]skynet.be
    • Finance : joyce - seeds[AT]gn.apc.org / Milan - decorte[AT]eunet.yu
    • Communication : andrej – zapata[AT]sezampro.yu / asim - paki.tv[AT]cyber-rights.net

E) Logistic specific issues :

Issues that should have been discussed, but weren't this time!

  • money : donation and ecorating
  • tents and structures
  • security
  • electricity and telephone
  • legal team
  • medical team
  • Visas
  • renovation of the school
  • opening event in the big conference place

1) the question of people coming in Belgrade before the conference :

It was asked that the people involved with the organisation of the conference should could come as much as possible 5 days in advance

2) next preparation meetings :

After these three days, many things have still be discussed and it would be important to have a next preparation meeting in Belgrade. Another international meeting could really usefull for further negociations.

  • (C) In the end, it was decided to have both an international preparation meeting in london, at least with the various people of the coordination group (with financial help needed for belgrade people to come) but open to others + another preparation meeting in belgrade in june organised by DSM.
  • (C) There will be a founding for 4 people from dsm to come to london ( seeds[AT]gn.apc.org is responsible to make sure that this meeting can happen)

3) archives of the pga-process email list

  • (C) the pga-process email list should be archived in an easilly accessible way somewhere. bozavine[AT]yahoo.co will wipe out the password protection for the archives and send an email to the process list to explain how it can be found.

4) (C) generic mandate :

  • for all of the logistic groups there was a decision to first look at ecological solutions to build/find stuffs needed and in last resort to buy or rent capitalist Industrial / chemichal shits. This mandate will have then to be taken into account and discussed for each specific point.

5) (D) campsite / venue and lodging :

a group has to be built. The question of building of finding or building big tents hasn’t been talked about. zabac_car[AT]yahoo.com will start a working group
Comment : in leiden for every conference location, there was always someone taking care of the place before, during after. so that it would be open, available and clean afterwards.

6) (D) video

there will be one group from the uk doing it / somebody from Belgrade is already doing it as well

7) (D) internet café

the main thing is to try to find a good connection. We also need a group to carry and bring computers and to build the network djrom[AT]altern.org will start a group.

8) volunteers

we need to define the tasks before mid-may. A need to define the skills that are needed. (building infrastructures for example, but also cooking, cleaning, info point, facilitation, security and whatever else during the conference) .

  • (C) People will be asked on the application form what they want to volunteer on..
  • (C) We don’t want specific people to be just volunteers and to have on the other side some consumers of the conference, but rather to push everybody who will come to the conference to volunteer and share the various responsibilities, in a spirit of avoiding too much specialisations.

We’ll have to find goods ways as clear boards and clear preparations to organize the various tasks needed.

  • (C) Opposition to reduce fees for people who want to volunteer. (nobody is more volunteer than others)
  • seeds[AT]gn.apc.org and skrati[AT]yahoo.com skrati[AT]yahoo.com will contact earth first , eurodusnie and no border to ask about their experiences with the last camps they organised.

skrati[AT]yahoo.com will start a team about volunteering and try to identify the various tasks..

9) food

seeds[AT]gn.apc.org and bozavine[AT]yahoo.co are ok to be the coordinators / decorte[AT]eunet.yu wants to be the local coordinator. It will be discussed tomorrow in plenary. Somebody is needed for dsm

  • Various food not bombs froup from hungary and croetia want to cook for the conference.
  • We can invite rampenplan collective. They need 1600 euros to come here. After that, we can decide with them about the price (that could be around 2 or 3 euros per meal).A lot of people from belgrade really find it too expensive as we could ask some local enterprise threaten of being privatised.
  • A professional collective from serbia could cook and bring the food in resnik. Their prices are around 2 euros for one meal. Some people want to engage local refugees in doing the service. Some others didn't want to pay anyone for daily life basic necessities like food and to have only-volunteer cooking team.

(C) We’re going to keep rempanplan except if the Belgrade food company is politically acceptable and pass a kind of “ethical test”. There will be a report from seeds[AT]gn.apc.org about their meeting and “ethical test” on the pga-process-list.

10) (D) hardware things :

big things that you can’t put in a bagpack. : video beamers, solar panels, tents, forks, bowls, chairs. We have to know precisely what kind of paperwork do we need to make it legal to bring it here. mi.family[AT]sezampro.yu want to be the contact person to build up a team.

11)Kids group :

parents don’t want to spend the whole day taking care about the kids. Every group should find a way to involve the kids in the various activities. The kid group wants to involve kids in the daily life as well.

  • lipjo[AT]no-log.org still wants to be responsible for it with ..
    there should be a discussion about the safety of children and about how people can get accused of illegal things about children

12 (D) water and sanitary things :

we’ll build ecological toilets only.

  • There’s also the possibility to build showers in the school (debate about that and alternative possibilities)
  • No solutions yet to bring water and electricity to the camp.

mi.family[AT]sezampro.yu and lipjo[AT]no-log.org will start a group together. lipjo[AT]no-log.org will share skills about dry toilets.

13) finance report

  • decorte[AT]eunet.yu is the one who has access to the bank account.
  • 7000 euros have been given by a london foundation
  • larc has already sent 1000 pounds
  • 900 from anonymous donation
  • ex-minus Y wree asked from Holland for solidarity
  • 600 euros will be donated for the resnik office.


  • 300 euros for the flat in Belgrade
  • 950 for the printed call
  • 400 euros have been lost and the finance comitte doesn’t want to recover that money. sezampro.yu
  • larc will find 1500 euros for visas from Russia

Who: paki.tv[AT]cyber-rights.net wants to be the coordinator for the finance group.
the finance group is now Milosh / Ivana / Milan / Paco / Asim

F) Communication

1) contact group :

It was till now marco[AT]eurodusnie.nl, zapata[AT]sezampro.yu and nicolu[AT]no-log.org working through a collective email-box: pgaeuconfcontact[AT]riseup.net

Contacts habe been made during big events as
WSF, ESF, antiWEF, and the glocal meeting in germany and autonomy meeting in berlin.…. Successful contacts have been made with the anarchist magazine Abolishing the frontier from below (which does a great job in networking eastern anarchists groups) who wrote a series of article about pga.

Many mail contacts have been made and will continue by adding people to the pga-conference-newsletter –list (nicolu[AT]no-log.org will take care of that with marco[AT]eurodusnie.nl)

  • (C) Everybody who has datas of contact should send it nicolu[AT]no-log.org who will put it together and make it available for contact group people.
  • (C) milosh, stefan from dsm and momo from germany (please let me know your mail adresses ?) will join the group and help to answer to the various mails and requests on the pgaeuconfcontactemailbox.

2) contacts with the no border network :

  • the No Border network organize a caravane tour starting from ljubljiana and will have an embedded meeting during the conference. matias[AT]q-olio.net and momo will keep in touch with the no border network.
  • matias[AT]q-olio.net and someone from dsm will present pga at the anti EU-summit actions in poland.

3) Groups from eastern Europe linked with social forums but apparently working in more horizontal ways will also have their own meeting during the conference.

  • There will also be an indymedia summercamp in Croatia.

4) work on the newsletter :

  • The Newsletter exist in german, French and english, French. It should be translated more and spread widerly.
    Stefan will make sure it’s translated in serbo-croeatian. Send translated versions to marco[AT]eurodusnie.nl for PDF

5) work on the conference call :

  • The call has been translated in a few language and has been printed in Belgrade.
  • The printed call should be spread widely around europe before the conference.
  • It's possible to ask some to : ivana – migrativeart[AT]skynet.be

6) (D) Limits on opening.

  • There are PGA principles and groups who will or would like to participate and that don’t really fit to the principles. There are also various groups such as ya basta or Nordic organisations that are accused of complicity and work with state/police/political party. How can keep some radicality and openness ?
  • (C) Javier[AT]spc.org is going to write a paper to explore this issue (not to conclude it).

7) website:

  • serge[AT]eurodusnie.nl will carry on doing things. Each specific working groups should send him every usefull informations.

8)(C) wiki :

  • a wiki will be created by paki.tv[AT]cyber-rights.net for the contact work and puted on the website.

9) (C) IRC meetings :

  • there will be IRC meeting announced on the publicly on the process list whenever needed by any working or coordination group.

10) new conference newsletter :

  • (C) marco[AT]eurodusnie.nl will do a newsletter to present the conference / stage of preparation and ways of involvment, using the minutes of this last meeting.

10) (P) Applications :

  • who is going collect this information.
  • For post-yougoslavia there will also be a paper form and someone from DSM taking care to send the paper application to the people who collect the informations

11) (P) (D) Visibility and medias:

we need to have a debate with local people about the best ways to introduce the conference to local authorities.

  • (C) We decided to wait for the negociations to be a bit successfull to communicate with the medias about the conference.
  • (C) Nobody will speak in the name of PGA network, but in their name or their collective.
  • (C) After the content debate, a group will take the responsibility to write a document that explain factual things about the conference and explain the political lines that we want to push through this conference (see the content discussion) based on the various text about the main political issues.
  • (C) This document will be used as a basis for various groups who would like to do press release work about the conference. This document will be signed by different groups, involved with the preparation of the conference and not by PGA.
  • (C) Press releases will be signed by groups who do it.
  • (C) We'll create an international press team wich will make sure that some press releases and contacts with medias are made and to link medias with various groups that could answer interviews. We'll have to make sure that it's different people who will talk to the medias and not always the same one.

12) (D) opening event in Belgrade :

There’s a big institutional place in Belgrade where a big public opening event to present pga could be organised. We could invite various groups even from elsewhere that Europe to come and present their struggles.

13) (P) (D) translations:

  • we could have simultaneaous translation with help of Babel network (a network of translators who work with social forums but are also ready to work with more radical structures as long as it can help them as well to make some contacts for theit translator jobs). We need a local Babel coordinator in belgrade and they need to cover their cost. zapata[AT]sezampro.yu will try to find people who could be interested. to do that.
  • Javier[AT]spc.org is the one who has the contact with babal for now.

14) (P) (D) contacts with local people :

  • We’ll send a call for groups to come in advance and propose small outreach initiatives (stret theatre, movies, food, debates) in resnik to prepare the arrival of a lot more people in resnik.
  • We’re really reluctant to do anything that would noisily disturb local people.
  • There should be various cultural events for various people and we would like to be carefull not to be too marginal in what we propose. .

15) wages and money during the conference :

  • starting from the food there was a debate about what and who we pay for during the conference :
  • There is a need to debate about people earning wages and working for the conference or not...
  • There was a debate about the kind of wage salary work that could be accepted during a PGA conference. We debated wether, given the local context, it was a western anticapitalist activist ideological approach to impose our pure views and values on not having people paid for basic things during the conference.
  • We spoke again about Leon Cavallo who choosed to employ people without papers to do the cleaning during the conference they organised a few years ago. Some thought it was a way to help these people and find them paper in the italian context, some thought it was really crazy to have activist speaking on one side and people without paper cleaning their shit on the other.
  • There’s no perfect model and blueprints.if we want to be able to organize things in very different local contexts. Things have to be debated every time.
  • (C) Wherever possible for the practicalities of the camp, we’ll use non-profit collectives and volunteer based solutions. For large tasks we’ll use collectives that agree with the ethics of the pga. When not possible we’ll use a collectives that is as close as possible from the pga principles.

G) content and program:

1) main themes and how we'll work on it

After much debates (the notes about these debates weren't taken) about the content and names of the various main issues of the conference, we decided to (it was a complicated debate and the notes are partly missing, so I try to organize memories. I may do some mistakes): have 8 main issues that we want to make sure to push and create a dynamic of work around before the conference. for all these issues, there will be people (issue coordinators) who take the responsibility to write a political text to present the issue these text can be used in the reader or newsletter of the conference, send on the lists before the conference to help people to find workshops and debates that can fit in. these texts can be used by or inspire the various people who are going to do some press work about the conference.

These texts don't give any « pga » commonly agreed political ideology, but are just texts of people or collectives who want to present roughly their problematic about an issue and put it into debate. Therefore, these text won't be signed or presented as some “pga” texts, but simply signed by the people or collectives who wrote it. The people who take the responsibility to work on some issue will try to coordinate the various workshops with each other and maybe create links between the people who want to work on the same issue. People who want to work on one of the issue can either directly contact the people who coordinator for one issue or just send the application form for their workshop. The people who take care of the application form will then make it known to the people who are coordinators for one issue.

Does that make sense ??????

The various issues and people responsible for it (these coordination groups are open, so please join them and contact the people !) :

  • Gender issues: breakingthesilence[AT]gendertrouble.org
  • Migrations: migrativeart[AT]skynet.be
  • Working conditions, class, workers and non-workers struggles, labor society (that's not the final name for this issues but just words to define what we want to talk about): migrativeart[AT]skynet.be + Stella and Dimitris from eurodusnie but I don't have their email adresses
  • Critics of industrial society, sustainable technologies: nicolu[AT]chutelibre.org (but he's going to find another contact inside the sans-titre network.)
  • Critics of European integration, Balkan situation, nationalism: migrativeart[AT]skynet.be
  • Alternatives to capitalism: zapata[AT]sezampro.yu
  • Militarisation of politics, wars, imperialism and social control: bozavine[AT]yahoo.co / javier[AT]spc.org
  • Global movement : Are we a mouvement ? what next ? Going out of the ghetto ? : skrati[AT]yahoo.com / javier[AT]spc.org

2) about the gender group proposals :

  • (C) the various proposals (gender day during the conference, women-only space, questionnaire, text about sexual abuse...) from the gender group were finally accepted. The work done since october (questionnaire, contact with groups, text about sexual harassment, workshops and creation of a discussion list) has been presented.
  • Some people recalled why a politic of group separation, in the context of the recent yougoslavian history, could be taken in a bad way and that it had to be thought about.
  • (C) nicolu[AT]chute-libre.org precised that, if a women-only space was surely needed and asked, it was pretty much different for men and that the idea was just to propose some men-only discussions or workshops for those interested, but without the need to have any permanent space.
  • It is also clear that gender workshops are not only about gender issue inside the “movement”, but about gender issue in society/counter society in general and that the aim is to link as much as possible gender issues with issues discussed through the conference.

3) about the cultural program :

The culture part is organised by two collectives involved with DSM

  • (D) It will organize events mainly in the night, and for now mainly gigs every evening of the week/ maybe some in the community center. There will be a diversity of musical styles.
  • (D) Who should decide about the money given for the programm festival ?
  • (C) They agree to put a stage in a place where it will not disturb people.
  • others things mentionned in reaction to the presentation of the cultural programm but that we couldn't have time to debate about :
  • (D) It would be good to try to involve the groups/bands/cultural actors/actresses in some workshops and political activities of the conference as a way to prevent a big division between culture and politics.
  • (D) The cultural program could maybe take more various forms than the one proposed here (mainly gigs)
  • (D) The problem of alcohol and drugs atmosphere during gigs can easilly help violence racist/sexist/homophobic attitudes to arise. We should therefore talk very seriously about the ways to prevent all that.
  • (D) There’s the question from the culture group to have another bigger festival during the conference in resnik and they asked us what we would think of it.
  • (D)Visibility : there was a point about the importance to find activities that could be participative for local people

H) Evaluation and feedbacks on the meeting

some really short notes about the evaluation (people are welcomed to send more detailed ones as the time we took for it and the notes are both short):

  • j : problem with the dsm email address. There’s a big question of chaos around this week-end. It’s not clear how much good communications there’s inside dsm.
  • M :this meeting has been much better than the last one. More people came and more clarifications
  • M : if you put these different people during one week, problem will occur. It has been really stressfull
  • P : he has more informations about pga. He will do more work in bosnia to get people involved and to find some volunteers.
  • M: lots of points are still really uncleared. Disapointed to discuss about things like food during three hours.she hope it can still be a success.
  • M : a lot of people were talking about keeping contact with the community and opening the movement and going at the same time into Macro politics and putting their own agenda.
  • M : real olitical events and stuffs were not talked enough about
  • M : meetings should have started earlier.
  • N : we have a lot of communication problem but it’s probably going to be good.
  • X : it’s really interesting to work in this conditions. There’s a big gap between younger generation of activists and older and more experienced people inside dsm.
  • M : she has learned a lot from this meeting. And they will take thing more into their hands.
  • R : there’s a problem of transparency. Lack of political discussions.

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