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Visa info

If you have a passport of one of the green countries (except Kosovo), which is not a refurgee passport, it is allowed to stay in Serbia Montenegro for at least 30 days without visa.

When you have passport of one of the Green countries you can stay in Serbia for the following period

  • For the neighboring countries & Belarus there is general a period of 30 days.
  • For the EU countries & Iceland and Swiss there is a period of 90 days.
  • Owners of arefurgee passport out of these countries NEEDS a visum.
  • Owners of a "Kosovarian" passport should take contact with the Visum office too, unless you're sure you can travel to Serbia.
  • If you are unsure wheter or not you need visas, read further and also feel free to write to erdoglija_stefan(at)yahoo.com

More information for visa's and your country you can find at: http://www.mfa.gov.yu/Visas/f_without_visa.htm

When you don't need a visa you need:

  1. A passport (NOT REFURGEE passport), not a so called ID-card. Some stamps will be placed in your passport.
  2. It is important that your passport is 6 months valid when entering Serbia. - Else you need to arrange a new one

When you need a visum

For citizens of the red colored counties and owners of a refurgee passports you need to fill in the VISA paragraph at the application form and take contact with Stefan. His e-mail is: erdoglija_stefan(at)yahoo.com

In your mail be sure to include:

  1. Day when you enter, and day when you leave Serbia.
  2. All data from passport.
  3. Fax number that we can use to send you invitation letters.
  4. Fax number of Serbia and Montenegro ambassy in your country.

You can find information of the Serbian and Montenegro ambassy in your country at this link: http://www.mfa.gov.yu/Worldframe.htm

If you are unsure wheter or not you need visas, also feel free to write to erdoglija_stefan(at)yahoo.com

The following things you need when you want a visa.

  1. Valid Passport;
  2. Letter of invitation (verified by the competent Serbia and Montenegro authority) or an invitation by a company for a business visit or a receipt or authorized tourist company certifying that the travel arrangement has been paid for (letter of credit or other payment receipt);
  3. Return ticket;
  4. Proof of sufficient funds in hard currency and
  5. Certificate that a health fund shall cover the medical costs in Serbia and Montenegro, if any.

The general visa info of Serbia & Montenegro you can find at: http://www.mfa.gov.yu/Visas/VisasR.htm

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