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Useful Information for Belgrade (Print me!!!)

Belgrade lies in the central European time zone CET (GMT + 1 hour).

This summer is VERY HOT, and we assume that temperatures will raise up to 40 degrees.
Therefore make sure ,that with usual camping equipment, you also bring hats, summer clothes,
sun creams, mosquito spray..whatever you need for surviving the extreme summer!

Electric Current / Water

  • Voltage 220 V ~Frequency 50Hz
  • Water from taps is drinkable, but it has a horrible taste;).

Cyrilic Alphabet

In Serbia all streetnames are in Cyrilic letters, while on the maps you can buy at nearly every kiosk, they use latin. It is handy to learn the most of the symbols.

You should keep in mind a lot of people in Serbia don't speak English, so you better have this Alphabet printed with you.

Tourist Information Centers (TIC)

The Tourist Organization of Belgrade has several tourist information centers. Along with organized sightseeing tours they can also provide free promotional material about Belgrade:

  • Belgrade Airport, Phone: 601-555, 605-555 ext. 2638 (09.00-20.00)
  • Central Railway Station, Phone: 361-2732, 36-12-645 (09.00-20.00, sat 09.00-17.00, sunday closed)
  • Terazije, pedestrian subway by "Albanija" Tower, Phone: 635-622, Tel/fax 635-343 (09.00-20.00, sat 09.00-17.00, sunday closed)
  • Knez Mihailova 18, (09.00-21.00, sat 09.00-17.00, sun 11.00-17.00)
  • Sava River Port, Karadjordjeva (summer only)
  • Zemun Tourist Center, Zmaj Jovina 14, Phone: 192-094
  • Tourist Guide Association, Dec anska 1, Phone: 324-8379


Maximum taxi fares:

  • Meter start - 25 DIN
  • Ride (per kilometer) - 21 DIN in daytime, 28 DIN during the night and on holidays and 42 DIN for rides beyond the city limits
  • Waiting (per hour) - 90 DIN


The official currency is the dinar (DIN) and 1 dinar consists of 100 para.

Coins: 50 para, 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20 dinars

Paper bills: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 1000 and 5000 dinars

Currency exchange is performed by:

  • all the banks
  • all the post offices
  • exchange offices

Exchange rate:
1 EUR = 71,75 DIN
1 USD = 59 DIN

If you have a bankcard (Cirrus/Visa/Mastercard) with pin-number, in Jajinci there are NO bankmachines, so you should get cash in the city center. There is a bank machine at the railway station, airport and also a lot in the city-center.


Students' boarding home "Jelica Milovanovic"

Krunska 8
Phone: 324-85-50, 322-07-62
(center of the city)

Open only during school holidays and vacation:
22 Dec - 13 Jan; 01-04 March; 01-07 May; 22 June - 31 Aug
The restaurant serves only groups (lunch 3 EUR, dinner 2,5 EUR, lunch package 2 EUR)
Prices per night:
Higher category - 9-11 EUR (for groups over 20 persons, 7,5 EUR)
Lower category - 7 EUR (for groups over 20 persons, 6 EUR)
Facilities: computer room, library, gym studio, basketball hall

Youth Hostel 'Lipovica Suma'

Lipovica, Barajevo, Beograd Tel.830-2184,830-2134
Open all year
Prices pre night: 2 persons / 12 euro

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