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A short guide to Surveillance.
A collection of links and resources, as a reading guide for the workshop on "Privacy, Political Surveillance and Social Movements". [author: Manos]

Critical Students in action
The action group "Critical Students" was doing an action during the opening of the academic year today in Leiden. They demonstrated against the 'new' role of the student as a (passive) consumer. [author: Kornee]

DRAFT! Towards an Autonomous Space at the European Social Forum
Results of the esf workshop in leiden (DRAFT!) and report from the esf workshop from the bordercam strassbourg [author: Pga2002_esf]

European network of refugees and Sans-papiers
This declaration, written discussed and adopted by sans-papiers, refugees, migrants and support groups from 6 European countries, is an attempt to build a European network of people struggling against the racist and repressive immigration policies. This document will be the basis of a presentation by Droits Devant during the PGA European Conference (Monday 2 september, 14:30 at Koppenhinksteeg). [author: Collective text adopted in Strasbourg NoBorder]

Future Food Campaign
PRESENTING ideas for united campaigning on FOOD SAFETY and Sustainable Alternatives to the present corporation-dominated industrial agriculture. [author: A SEED Europe]

gender transversal
Contribution to a non existing 'transversal' gender debate.

guerilla expo
At the end of september the Autonoom Centrum and De Vrije Ruimte are organising a Guerrilla Expo 1 named 'free city'. [author: Ed, Autonoom Centrum]

Strategies Against the WTO Meeting in Sydney
The announcement that the World Trade Organisation will conduct a "mini-ministerial" in Sydney on November 14-15 has injected the autonomous left with renewed energy. [author: new kids on the bloc]

Water: From exploitation to autonomy
“Our struggles aim at taking back control of the means of production from the hands of both transnational and national capital, in order to create free, sustainable and community controlled livelihoods based on solidarity and peoples’ needs and not on exploitation and greed.” Manifesto PGA

women and ...?
I got asked today if I'd like to contribute to a radio program about "women and technology" some guy from london was planning...

Women’s Lives in a Globalised World
Women’s Lives in a Globalised World – Health, Migration and Population Politics Panel organized by the Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights (WGNRR) Amsterdam [author: sumati]

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