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I got asked today if I'd like to contribute to a radio program about "women and technology" some guy from london was planning...

Reflecting on the pretty lack of any "gender issues" at the conference - let alone any "transversal" approach to contents - thoughts began popping into my mind: why isn't he doing a critical radio programm on "men and technology" or "gender and technology" or "what has technology to do with patriarchy". The question "why are there not many women in technology can easily be answered by a quick visit to the ASCII headquarters (recommended visit to focus on the "guys with notebooks-table in the corner...) ;-)

What I'd find a lot more interesting to discuss is "how come so many guys consider themselves revolutionnary sitting in front of computers 18 hours a day, drinking beer, eating junkfood and limiting their conversations to e-mails, chats and occasionnal grunts towards their fellow (white, male, middleclass) basecaps...?"

Don't get me wrong: I have got nothing against computers, technology or guys installing wave-lans (some of my best friends are "techies"...)

but some critical reflection on science, technology, "progress" and efficiency would neither turn 'the mouvement' reactionnary nor ourselves into past-loving hippies using smoke signals to communicate.

And if we start questioning our own fascination for (very much exclusive) high-tech products and the role it plays in our consumerist, patriarchic society we mightt get to a point where we are able to transmit radioprograms on patriarchy, gender, technology and capitalism - and leave the "women and ..."- stuff to the state-run affermative action programs


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blokes with beer

author:: pgarfe 03.09.2002 02:15

made me smile...
a couple of days ago I reflected that, no matter what the politics, it seems that Saturday nights always end up with the blokes in the bar with the beer sounding like a Cluedo game pga radio female entity

alcoholic economy

author:: quartalsaeufer 03.09.2002 12:04

the whole drinking business is not a gender but a financial survival question. so, to all genderchangers, drink and support your local workspace. besides drinking beer, i heard, fosters the estrogene (female breast enlarging hormone) so with time the issue might solve itself ;)

the last word...

author:: Boozy Betty 03.09.2002 15:18

I drink therefore I amscii


author:: el-gambino 03.09.2002 22:25

today i was sitting in my room in a dark corner whit a pistol in my hand .i was thinking there is no justice in this life .
- Oh God why u make me a male? i make from the women a slave ,i didn't let the women to setup my computer,i'm drinking bier,i smoke signals,so whay is this? why?
And in my hard barin work, a little light appers and became bigger and bigger.from the back of my mind i started to hear three words: bier,smoke,comuputer.this three words became so loud that i have to put down the pistol.i stend up slowly,i get to the fridge ,take out a bier.after i went back to my room i took a sit in the sunny corner i put on my computer ,and whit a joint in my mouth ,i realize that im back in the reality,and im not dreaming anymore.
the sun is on ,the birds are singing,the bier is cold and the feminist womens are still fighting against their fake world.

and how exactly ...

author:: dec 04.09.2002 11:15

... can you answer this question by visiting the ASCII headquarters and look at the corner table with guys on laptops?

I do not appreciate vague criticism and veiled accusations like that If you have a problem with the gender distribution then do something, install Linux on your computer and start being part of the tech community

If we would hang around doing nothing and wait until there are enough women to support our work it wouldn't happen at all

And BTW ... I don't see how anyone can consider him/herself to be part of some revolutionary process by going to meetings, demos and write unspecified criticism on message boards

Next time I'll consider not coming to even out the ratio between men and women >:(

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