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author: A SEED Europe - 27.08.2002 22:29

PRESENTING ideas for united campaigning on FOOD SAFETY and Sustainable Alternatives to the present corporation-dominated industrial agriculture. Date: 08-15-02 18:34

At A SEED we've been brainstorming for a while where to go with these issues and would be very interested to discuss with other groups and organisations how we can work together within such a campaign.
We're especially interested in discussing the aims, means and target groups with which we would come up with a as broad and inclusive campaign as possible.
We are not intending to hold our own workshop on this but by presenting these ideas we hope to give and get feedback and inspiration for the related discussions in the programme.

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The Start

... then late on Thursday October 17th 2002 we had the first meeting with the new food team.

In increasing numbers environmental and social action groups, collectives and organisations are acknowledging food safety as one of the more important struggles, actualised by the threat that the European moratorium on GMOs be lifted, a demand from the WTO and the dominating agro-business corporations ruling the [food] market. Campaigns are being initiated to radicalise the CAP, the Common Agricultural Policy of the EU which is to be revised in 2006, while others promote and put into practise the sustainable alternatives to industrialised agriculture. Campaigns for e.g. a GMO Free Europe, No Patents on Life, Organic Farming and Local Trade are but instrumental in this work, the core objective being that of sustainable and autonomous agriculture worldwide. This objective brings together the struggle to save all parts of the sustaining ecosystem from the unpredictable effects of genetic engineering and industrialised farming to targeting the increasing influence from corporate powers and law sanctions, preventing the expressions of the real 'green' agriculture revolution.

With years of experience from cooperating within Europe wide campaigns on GMO Free Europe and No Patents on Life, A SEED Europe not only want to carry on this successful work but further broaden the focus of the campaigns. Now that corporations have mingled their way into decision bodies of what is supposed to be the people's United Nations, there is no return than to kick them out of every powerful position they have managed to acquire. The position of corporations persuading with disputable methods farmers and governments to convert further away from sustainable agriculture must be challenged and in that prevent further the out-competing of small scale farming. A SEED Europe would like to take up the fight against corporate influence in agricultural policies and practices but more important support the movements working towards the sustainable alternatives. Finding means for action we think it's important to create and strengthen links between organic farmers, consumers and activists groups, to unite forces.

A public awareness campaign originated from all these ranks could be on the table, or other coordinated campaigns and actions. Promoting local alternatives in cooperation on European and international levels is one of the more interesting challenges, as is to get more people, farmers, consumers etc to join this struggle. Bringing these ideas to the PGA conference we hope to inspire a discussion on the different possibilities for such a campaign. As but one of many European networks working on these issues, A SEED Europe wish to reach out to existing collectives and networks interested in taking on this challenge and in contributing ideas for how we can work together within a horizontal network, where A SEED Europe could function in a facilitating, supporting and information disseminating role.

The Result

... now in 2006 we're facing the preparation for the EU-summit where the CAP will be revised. Protests are expected to be bigger than ever seen over the past 25 years. A selection of the plans: a powerful street rave supported by an invasion of tractors. The line-up of the sound systems is very diverse; besides the new styles Drum 'n' Roots, Biobreak and Hardsoil, there will even be a sound system playing Country and there are rumours there will be line-dancing in front of the demo. A massive picnic with at least 20 thousand people is planned and the good old guerrilla garden action will be extraordinary effective with ploughs, drag-lines and other machines available. A wall of straw bales will be built to keep the police away. Politicians are nervous; they can't ignore this broad coalition of farmers, consumers, environmental activists, unionists and the increasingly popular BBB (black-bio-block). Even mainstream media reports repeatedly on the positive, realistic and successful alternatives. Lasts years they don't talk about the far left extremist groups but about the farm-left movement.

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