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Proposal By MRG For PGA Structure
Convenors, convenorship and support group - This is important to clarify that we understand convenor task as only improve communication in network. They will have no more funtions, nor will create structures. [author: mrg]


Infopoint meeting
Here is the list of emails collected on the possible infopoint meeting... [author: Merijn]

PGA Process Working Group


Agenda of the Plenary

Plenary process decision taking


Call for candidates for next Convenor
The 2002 PGA Conference was organised by the Dutch Anarchist Collective Eurodusnie. We are currently looking for candidate groups to organise and host the PGA conference in 2003. At the moment, there are no candidate convenors ! [author: Eurodusnie]


Evaluation of Eurodusnie’s convenorship of PGA
A short evaluation (Part 1) - Eurodusnie proposal for future structure of the European PGA network (Part 2) [author: PGA/Eurodusnie workgroup]

Other stuff

A short history of PGA
If there's one point on which everyone in the movement seems to agree, it's that action-hopping is getting old. The big mobilizations, like the April World Bank/IMF protests and this summer's actions at the Republican and Democratic conventions, are wearing people down. Hardball police tactics have made them cost more, while the sneering corporate media has made them matter less. These days, many of the people who worked on the big actions of the past year are reassessing, looking toward more community-based organizing and moving away from big blockade events. [author: free radical]

A reflection on the structure of the PGA
Abstract: 1) Mass political gatherings are often at best reformist, at worst counter-productive. In any case, they offer no future. 2) Mass future (vision) are often at best reformist, at worst counter-productive. In any case, they offer no real alternatives. [author: p'tit punk]

Open letter to People's Global Action
Here follows an open letter to People's Global Action from the French SANS-TITRE informal network. It confirms our interest in taking part in the ongoing PGA process and, in particular, our interest in helping prepare the forthcoming Leiden gathering. The purpose of this letter is to set out some of the critical issues which we want to see discussed. [author: Sans-Titre ]

Is efficiency a capitalist concept?
In Monday's conference newspaper the minute-taker of the "PGA process working group" made the following claim: "They (the working group) included a strong sentiment that people have a commitment to the process of how we work together rather than being overly concerned about efficiency (which is a capitalist concept in itself)". [author: Editorial team]

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