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 Call for candidates for next Convenor

author: Eurodusnie - 29.08.2002 22:58

The 2002 PGA Conference was organised by the Dutch Anarchist Collective Eurodusnie. We are currently looking for candidate groups to organise and host the PGA conference in 2003. At the moment, there are no candidate convenors !

If you would like to present yourself as a convenor candidate or would like to find out about what exactly it means to be a convenor, come to the PGA Process introduction session on Sunday, from 10 :00 untill 11 :30 in the LVC, or contact the Eurodusnie group at the Infopoint. We are happy to answer any questions you might have. Candidate convenors will be presented in the conference newspaper and at the Process session at 14:30 on Tuesday, in the Haagweg.

During the PGA conference, members of the Eurodusnie collective are happy to answer any questions and explain the role of the convenor. You can always contact members of the Eurodusnie team via the Info point in the Freeplace Koppenhinksteeg (Leiden, NL).

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