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Strategy debates

Strategy debate 1: Intl. mobilisations
How do we look back on the international mobilisations and days of action, and how will we move forward?

Strategy debate 2 : What concrete alternatives can we create?
The discussion in the afternoon Strategy Debate on Alternatives focused on two main themes: Social Centres & Bridgning the Gaps

Strategy debate 4 : How do we react to repression?

Strategy debate 5 - Which new forms of resistance are emerging?
Here is a summary of sunday noon discussion about new forms of resistance. The main themes discussed were the future of mass mobilization like counter summits, the link between local and global actions, and daily life resistance

Strategy debate 6: How do we organise in a direct democratic way and build up counter power.
(morning session long version) This is original version of the notes, which has been summarised for the conference paper. For unclear structure of the text, blame the discussion, not the author. Note that this is not transcription altough in some places may look like a one, all comments have been reconstructed from shorthand, and author might have been seriously misrepresented here. All protests against this text are most welcomed to this phorum. [author: Antti R.]


Conclusions on the strategy debates
Yesterday a session was organised to reach some conclusions on the strategy debates that were held on Sunday. The different debates had to be presented in a somewhat coherent document that would be presented as a strategy paper. Still the outcome was not expected to be a definitive ‘PGA policy’. It was more seen as a potential reference document.

Strategy: Welfare/Control States (long version)
A summary from all the strategy discussions that took place during the PGA European Conference, using the theme of 'the transition from the welfare state to states of control' to encompass all the subjects. (Longer than previous version) [author: PGA Discussion Groups & Workshops]

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