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 Strategy debate 2 : What concrete alternatives can we create?

author: facilitation group - 01.09.2002 21:09

The discussion in the afternoon Strategy Debate on Alternatives focused on two main themes:
Social Centres & Bridgning the Gaps

Alternatives are major issues for many people as we try to move beyond protest. Alternatives are not enough but have to be connected to society. We have to bridge the gaps to mainstream society and create alternative structures for production and distribution, not just little partial projects. This means looking at the relation between city and countryside. Scrounging existing structures of the system [skipping/squatting] is just a temporary solution, not a revolutionary activity.

Social Centres / Open Space (which we didn't get to talk much about)

Do they allow for participation of people with social (debt, parenthood... ) and/or physical (age, disability.... ) limitations?. Can one combine political activities with the development of personal life?

Bridging Gaps

The Consulta Process was presented as a practical example of how to bridge those gaps. Apart from this there was a general feeling that concrete examples of alternatives were not discussed enough and that there was no time to go in depth into the different issues of dicussion. For the following concluding debate on Tuesday morning, we should try to combine this abstract discussion with concrete proposals. If any groups have examples of projects which relate to above discussions, please present them in the newspaper BEFORE Tuesday.

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