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 Strategies against repession.

notes from the morning strategy discussion

Issues discussed included the legitimization of political repression after September 11, international legal cooperation, immigration and repression worldwide, and a theoretical analysis of social control.

Today's meeting had representatives from Droits Devant!, Sans Papiers, Indymedia, WOMBLES, Social Centres Network, Federation Anarchiste, and NO BORDER.


 Strategy debate on repression - afternoon

Strategy debate 4: how do we react to repression? Afternoon session

These notes are only published in the phorum of the website. Note that this is not transcription although in some places may look like a one, all comments have been reconstructed from shorthand, and author might have been seriously misrepresented here. All protests against this text are most welcomed to this phorum.

There were only 5 persons in the discussion, from 4 different countries. There were no introductions, so everyone was asked to tell about their own interests in regards to the working group.


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