Infopage for the PGA in Europe 2006.


Invitation for the international meeting to prepare for PGA Europe Conference.

This meeting is to explain and to progress on the next PGA conference Europe -19th august to 03rd September in France and Switzerland -organised by the collective STAMP/The timbrées. We have thought about a discussion plan, but of course, we are waiting for your opinions, contributions and critics until the beginning of the meeting. This planning's proposal follows below.

It will happen from Friday 21th to the Sunday 23th of April (coming the Thursday evening before) in Budapest (Hungary) in the collective place "AK57" which gather some cultural associations and activist collectives like Indymedia and "the young Budapest anarchists".
It takes place in : AK57
dohany u.57 (ring 128 at the doorbell)

+36 20 488 86 29
We will send you an acces plan later.

It's very important for the logistic preparation of the meeting to announce your coming as quickly as possible (above all person who need a visa) by e-mail : . We will look for your visas (take a look for the country that needs one below) and help you for transport, taking in account, we encourage hitch-hiking or co-conveyance but it's possible for us to finance travels if it's a necessary. The sleep-in are in different houses in the town. Bring sleeping bags and sheets if it's possible. There's a car park for cars and vans.

We will enjoy meeting you.


ProposaL of agenda for the meeting in Budapest.

Notify : we could start talking about the agenda after having presented the project of the conference and after having dealt with our three day logistics... we think it could allow us to be on the same basis to discuss the content of the agenda.

FRIDAY - 10-13H

Organisation of our "everyday life" during the three days (material and technical points) in Budapest


2-1 - present collectives and persons

2-2 - P.G.A.

2-3 - STAMP

3 - PRESENTATION OF THE PROJECT OF CONFERENCE OF EUROPE AMP Decentralised and centralised structure / thematics proposed / relations with the local issues / auto-organisation / creation of links with east and central Europe (persons and collectives) At the end of the presentation, discussion about the following of discussion of the three days (the agenda). -agenda -forms of discussions


Notify : One of STAMPS' goals is to take care of distribution of tasks and refuse power relations and domination.

4-1 Information and coordination

  1. Internal collective organisation of the decentralised locations
  2. Communication between the decentralised locations,
    • proposal of taking a daily telephone meeting (an idea for telling France Telecom's unionist to have low or free price).
    • we have thought about "chat" (internet discussion) but with the problems of efficiency and the power agreed to the "computer specialists"
  3. Communication outside
    • Autonomy of decentralised locations
    • Global structure about centralised meeting

4-2 Decision-making process during the conference

  1. General questions
    • How to transmit information between decentralised locations to centralised location?
    • Structures and objectives for the centralised meeting (decisions of PGA process, return about practical activities and thematic discussions in decentralised locations)
  2. PGA process *Problems and questions to discuss in the decentralised locations and reports in the centralised moment
    • Forms of discussion about "PGA process" in centralised locations. proposal to reform the "spoke council" experimented in the conference of Belgrade
    • The next "Convenor" AMP Europe.

4-3 A thematic and practical conference Reminder of the importance of relating local issues to our thématics and building activities

  • What is your interest for thematic proposed by Stamp?
  • What other ideas?
  • We could discuss that in smaller groups



5-1 Visas

  • One of the most important financial costs
  • Problem of Switzerland

5-2 Transport

  • Encourage to use the cheapest means of transport
  • Transport coordination on the list "PGA process"
  • Transport between decentralised and centralised locations

5-3 Food (supplies and cooking structures)

  • Auto-organisation in collective kitchens

5-4 Installation

  • Fix and mobile structures according to the locations

5-5 Translations

  • Think about the domination of English and Spanish in international networks
  • Proposals :
    • crews of persons in the different decentralised locations and in the centralised locations
    • student translators *We should think about the necesity to maximise our understanding and our will to not delegate to specialists.

5-6 Finances

  • How to decrease the cost of the conference *How much money have we yet collected and what is still to come.
  • Discussion :
    • modulated price or common participation?
    • financing of the transport costs between decentralised and centralised locations. -ways and limits of refunding of the costs according to the needs of person

SUNDAY 10-13h


6-1 Links developed in Eastern and Central Europe

  • Interest of persons and groups
  • report of the "East caravane"

6-2 Conference invitations

  • Contacts list
  • How to subscribe in the conference and how "fix and play" with the "quotas" (limited number of persons) in the decentralised locations

6-3 PGA Europe and World

  • exchange of knowledge about what this network is and what links between these two levels of organisation
  • structures of PGA : state of the network and to make it continue (list, newsletter, infopoint, website...)

6-4 A next international meeting?


We didn't plan anything since we believe we will be late. You might add other points to the discussion. We will have to do the cleaning too and other crazy things...

VISA The following nationalities do not need visas for visits of up to 90 days: Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Bulgaria,Brunei, Croatia, Czech Republic,Cyprus, Denmark Estonia, Finland, France,Germany,Greece,Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy,Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg,Malta,Monaco, Netherlands,Norway, Panama,Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino,Slovakia, Slovenia,Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

Other visa information from here:

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