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PGA Wintermeeting from 12 till 15 February 2005 menu

Wintermeeting from 12 till 15 February 2005

the goals of this meeting are:

  • an evaluation of the belgrade conference in July,
  • to choose a new convenor of the PGA conference for the european region and neighborhood in 2006 and
  • (talk / discuss) about the global PGA conference in nepal 2005.

The Wob_marley collective from Linz Austria will provide the infrastructure for this meeting which was decided in Beograd Serbia at the last European Conference 2004.

If you want to take part please fill out the form below.

what we will provide:

  • vegan food throughout the whole meeting,
  • womens sleeping place,
  • accomodations for up to 70 people,
  • internet,
  • computers,
  • 2 videoprojectors,
  • copy possibilities,
  • infoshop nearby,
  • radio equipement,
  • and a lot of coffee.


  • leave your pets at home!
  • take sleeping bags and isolation mats (remember it's february!)


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Subscribe form. (NOTE: FORM IS DISABLED!!!)

About the group:

Name of group:
Number of people attending:
Short description of your group
For the general infomation sheet (which will be handed out at the infodesk - if you have materials in advance send them to us so they can be part of the general information sheet):

Contact information:

Postal code

Some additional information:

Do somebody needs some personal things? (Allergics, Matress, Food,....):

will you take kidz?
We have to know so we can deal with it what we don't know yet if we can guarantee that.

Do you want to give a special workshop/presentation?

Let us know what you need and how long you think it takes (and if possible the day you wanna do it)

Do you need visas?

If you need a visa please contact us as soon as possible directly --> or phone us (0043-699-11858251)! people from the following country will need an invitation to get a visa: Turkey, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Rumania, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus (and all the former soviet states in general).

Press the to send the form or apply the form and send it directly to "" (NOTE: FORM IS DISABLED!!!)

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How to come to linz:

  • By train..
    linz is 200 km west of vienna and 150 km north of salzburg. the train in austria is quite expensive. for everyone who travels by train, maybe this can help you
  • By eurolines bus
    This is maybe the cheapest way to travel.(a lot of buses travel to and from eastern europe!). The euroline though will just go to vienna or Salzburg and not to Linz. the train from vienna to linz costs about 23 euro and from salzburg costs about 18 euros.
  • By plane
    Linz has also its own airport (which could be interesting for people from great britain because Ryanair is flying here)
  • By car
    well - just go to linz and then follow this description

How to come to the meeting once you arrive in linz:

The place where the infodesk will be is called stadtwerkstatt. It's a cultural center and the adress is kirchengasse 4.

When you arrive at the main station take the tramway 1, 2 or 3 (direction universitšt or bergbahnhof) and get off at the station Rudolfstrasse. From there on watch for the signs! When u get off the tramway turn in the direction of the river and move down in the underground crossing. Take a left and the next exit right. You should be on the busstation now. From there on walk towards the river and take the stairs to your left which are going under the building. The second house on your left is the Stadtwerkstadt

When you arrive by airplane take the bus to the central station and do as explained above.


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