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PGA European conference chat

The PGA chat is a digital and open communication tool for the preparation of the coming PGA conference. It is a way to exchange ideas and information about the conference, sometimes it is even used to have small meetings.

How does it work?

1) Go to the web site

  • (Site needs Java)
  • Fill in your nickname at Nick Name, "pgaeuroconf" at Channel and your fake name at Real Name.
  • Press on the button connect now!!, wait and chat.

WebIRC Inlogpagina

2) use your favorite IRC program

  • like mIRC for Windows,
  • IRCle for Mac
  • Xchat for Linux (Consult your Linux distribution)
  • Mozilla with Chatzilla for all other flavours.

Enter the following commands.

/nick yournick
/join #pgaeuroconf

3) Direct to the PGAconference chat

Before clicking the link below you should have installed one IRC program.

Click irc:// to go directly to the chat program. Change your nick with the command /nick yournick


  • Some IRC clients asks your REAL NAME: It is not obligated to write your real name but if you do people who are in the chat will be able to learn this when the click /who is on your nick name.

  • If you write something but you get no immediate answer this could mean that either no-one except the robot "berent"is there or that people are busy doing other stuff so be a bit patient.

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