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Content of the PGA Daily of Saturday 24-07-2004

Content of the PGA Daily of Saturday 24-07-2004

Program of today

10:30 11:00 Facilitation Workshop Gym Big School
11:00 12:00 Tusovka NewsLetter room 3 Big School
11:00 12:00 Zapatista coffe Project Fair Trade room 2 Big School
11:00 12:00 Oil,war or climate justice? Mrial Pk Green Area
12:00 13:00 IndyMedia Hungary room 3 Big School
12:00 13:00 Wombles (London) room 4 Big School
12:00 13:00 Initiative for Temporary autonomous Zones room 5 Big School
13:00 14:00 Indymedia Romania Gym Big School
13:00 14:00 Encod for just and Effective Drug Policy Kindergaden Big school
14:00 15:00 Lunch  
15:00 16:00 Adbusting room 2 Big School
15:00 16:00 Siperia Collective room 3 Big School
15:00 17:00 Indymedia Filming Workshop 1 room 9 Big School
15:00 16h30 PGA Process Meeting room 4,5 gym,kinder garden Big School
17:00 19:00 NoBorders Mrial Pk red area

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Meeting Interruption

Yesterday evening,people from the collective in Reznik enter the space.An English guy took off his trousers and wipes his bottom with a PGA program in a dramatic manner.This really annoyed some people who leave the room, a cup of tea is spilt over the Reznik collective …the meeting stops,it will start again later.The reason why people are so upset when the intervention is so funny is because they know the people interrupting the meeting. These people would have been preventing the smooth functioning of the organization over the last six months,mostly with matters concerning non-mixed spaces,and they might also have written aggressive letters to several individuals.They would also have destroyed collectives in England.Basically, the people in Reznik were organizing the conference as part of DSM but a split occurred after the conference had to be moved to Jajinci due to the lack of space in Reznik.Some wanted to exclude the guy who wiped his ass,but what they did does not justify that.At the same time,due to their past and his methods,the question is pertinent.We have to keep in mind that we should not confuse that guy and with the ones from Reznik.

On top of that others groups are clearly and openly trying to undermined the conference.An intercepted email from the local Anarcho-syndicalist, implies a view that the PGA is bad for the working class,also theses people are organizing a contra event together with local Stalisnists and Trotkists groups to discredit the political issues raised by the peoples around PGA. That ’s why maybe lots of us would not come to this conference because of anti PGA junk mails.This poses the question of “what that ’s Shit?”or even what to do with these people? A collective solution must be found.Everyone should be aware that there are PGA opponents.It is a challenge to be able to react to these situations and at the same time remain in control of oneself.

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It’s Starting

Ok Today is the first day of the PGA conference in Jajinci,we all have worked hardcore for that (it ’s actually 5:41 am and we are f*****tired!!) So we hope you are reading your daily news while eating your cereal,and we ask to make the best out of this day while the newspaperteam is sleeping!! We all want you to have fun,to discover new things and meet new people, therefore The PGA conference is the good place to be.So Please ENJOY!!!!!And keep some cereal for us!! love love love to u all!!!

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Talking about Coordination

  1. Translation
    A team of translators has been formed and a list put on the Infopoint wall.
  2. Security
    To assure the safety of the camp a shift system has been put into place but there is a need for volunteers,especially in the evenings.In case of aggression,there is a second team called the «sleeping team ».There is also a special team for sexual harassment issues (you can find them in the «women only area »)for medical and «Queer »issues.Each of the groups should find their own way of addressing the people in Jajinci.
  3. Camping
    People are not keen to go to the football field,but the school area is full and the camping is expanding to the surrounding area which might create problems with the neighbours. The role of the Infopoint is important in orientating incoming people.
  4. Medical team
    The Medical team is situated next to the Infopoint.They need volunteers and equipment.
  5. Volunteers
    The volunteers are motivated to help and want to know about the different needs.A table for tasks that they can do is on the Infopoint.
  6. Computers
    3 computers are installed to give people Internet access.The Indymedia centre is open for those who have articles to write for Indymedia and /or the daily PGA newspaper.
  7. Food
    The local caterer is a cooperative supported by DSM that is going through dif ficult times.There is also an autonomous kitchen :not everyone thinks it is necessary but others believe it is more important than the caterer.Both will doubtless be needed to feed over 300 people
  8. Media
    This is a very controversial issue:some believe we should not talk to the media at all,others feel it is important to communicate with the local community.We must reach a consensus and this will not be easy.As we cannot stop the media from coming it is better to greet them so that they stay out of the camping area and only go to the debates.It is important that different people speak to them,never on behalf of PGA.There are few volunteers. At this moment,the meeting is interrupted :look 1st page!!!
  9. Finances
    It is working.Some people would have preferred that it would have been free instead of paying 5 euros per day.But remember,the price is not fixed and is negotiable.
  10. Facilitation of Debates
    This working group has a meeting every day from 15.00 to 17.00 and tries to work out the best way of facilitating debates.
  11. Bar
    A working team was formed to build a bar :they need volunteers !
  12. Rainbow Gathering
    People going to this hippy-style camp in Bulgaria are passing through here.They seem to know what PGA is so there should not be any problems.
  13. Newspaper
    The newspaper is distributed in the morning.Everyone can participate.If possible,there could also be a Serbo-Croat version.It may be possible to have a website page on the PGA site with newspaper text,photos and film.Details for the coordination meeting will be in newspaper.
  14. Cleaning Team
    There is no separate cleaning team -add your name to the rota at the info point !
  15. Visibility Day;
    Thursday is « Visibility Day » in central Belgrade..It will take place after the final plenary in a cultural centre and around the city.

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The beekeeper from Marais Poitevin

It seems like rainbows are already here !

Renate was born in Germany but she has lived in France for more than 20 years and has been a beekeeper ever since she was a student.In the Marais Poitevin (west France)she keeps more than 320 beehives.If you have been around for the last couple of days you might have tasted some of the delicious honey she brought along with her.Renate has come along to the PGA conference to meet different people but also because she thinks of herself as “a victim of globalization ”.In fact,around 30 per cent of her bees die every year because of pesticides produced by multinationals such as Bayer and BASF.The new pesticides are already on the plant seeds being sold nowadays,so when they grow the nectar is contaminated with pesticides that will kill some of the bees.Acting like a “nerve gas ”the pesticides make some of them lose their sense of direction and hence they are unable to come back to the hives;others simply die.Being a member of the Confederation Paysanne (union for French farmers) she has tried to draw the attention of the French Government to a problem that affects several farmers in her situation.Renate mainly criticizes the fact that the politicians in power allow these pesticides to get into the market without checking if these multinational products are harmful for the environment and people ’s health.

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Why PGA office had to move?

On Tuesday afternoon,an incident with some PGA of fice neighbors surprised many of us.The neighbors were getting nervous because of the crowd of people passing in theirhall,and a group of volunteers was aggressed by a drunken man.In consequence,the of fice has now been evacuated. During the afternoon ,quite a few volunteers had actually been passing in the of fice.Most of us were international volunteers arriving in the work camp organized with the PGA conference.We had our meeting point at the office as well as some local and French volunteers from the preparation team.

One of the neighbors called the police to complain about the noise and the strange-looking people who might be drug users.The police wanted to know if the foreigners had been registered and who had rented the apartment. “The first 15 minutes they were really awful ”,tells Darko who had to give all the passports to the police and answer a lot of questions.The neighbor had followed the police and got very nervous because of the fact that Darko was from Croatia and the flat was rented by him.

Outside,a group of men from the neighborhood was drinking on the terrace of a bar and observing the events.One of them,a big drunken guy that Darko had already seen reading some fascist booklets,got very nervous,started injuring a group of volunteers at the street and aggressing some of them.As Darko arrived,the man told him he’d give him 20 days to leave.If not,he would kill him.(This is not a big problem as the rental contract goes till 15 August only.)

As the drunken guy went on beating volunteers,people went down to ask the police come out.The police said they would first like to finish with the registering question.Darko hadto insist before they finally accepted to go stop the fight and take the aggressor back to the terrace. The police told the office should be evacuated,as it was not safe to stay there.The volunteers left and the computers were moved the same day. The drunken neighbor observedthe moving and told the police they should check the computers to see if there’s no illegal stuff. This was not done.

Darko thinks the aggressive neighbor is just a poor alcoholic guy who has no job and nothing to do. The first time he talked to Darko, it was to insult him because of his Croatian origins.Anyway,this little incident shows us there ’s still a lot to do before all people in Serbia and everywhere get rid of their ethnical prejudices.

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Local Kids Become Environmentalists

Invite from Selo Rakovica doctor Ljiljana Radovich, who ’s involved in local community issues,as well as Kristina,the youth council coordinator,catalyzed a grassroots school clean up project Friday afternoon. Involving at least fifteen neighborhood kids ages 8 to 13,the project brought together PGA volunteers and the community to build positive relationships whileteaching environmental concern to all.

It all began when seven volunteers,who had come from all over Europe,arrived at the PGA conference and immediately went to the Selo Rakovica school to join  Dr.Radovich and Kristina in the effort to contribute to local community improvement.After a short time, a number of kids who were playing nearby became interested in the activity.With the help of PGA volunteer group coordinator Belgrade local Boban Chaldovich they were soon learning about appreciating their environment while having a great time socializing with the adults of various origins and backgrounds.With shouts of excitement abounding,they were more than eager to beautify their school yard and the promise of international recognition for their actions thrilled them even more.

The group hopes that the kids will share this positive experience with their parents so that we continue to form bridges of communication between PGA and the community.

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Kids Space

Even in libertarian environments,forms of “ageism” take place that in an unconscious way are viewed as “natural ”.In previous anti-capitalist meetings children’s needs and places were highly neglected,and we could see how bored they were.To challenge this situation at this PGA Conference we decided to create a children ’s space, especially as this year ’s event takes place in a school.
The main goal is to organize activities with children both of the camp and the local community such as sports, juggling and samba workshops.These activities allow them to cross linguistic barriers thanks to the universal culture of body language. In spite of their age, we are giving them the opportunity to speak on their own in the meetings which is a major occasion for self expression in our organization.It is also important that “our ”children take part in our daily struggles because that has an influence in the way we relate to them.
Even so,our collective ways of action are still problematic and are not adjusted to every age.For example ,Medeo, a six year old and a half, says: “I’m interested in participating,helping in the preparations ”,he acknowledges that “the meetings are important for cooking and all that …”, nevertheless “after one hour I’m bored; I ’m a child and I
prefer playing, it’s normal ”. The place we want to give children forces us to rethink our way of doing things so as not to leave them out. To take into account these discriminations is surely not enough but it can work as a starting point to make some changes.
Nonetheless,the children were able to participate in the camp organization,such as the decoration.Nothing is set in stone and it of the utmost importance to accept them into our world because that is the only way of accepting their world.

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Do you want to say somethin ’!?!


The history of this country is very different from ours in France in the fields of economics, politics, and society,as well as the ethnicities that exist here. Coming here represents an important cultural awakening and an occasion where many questions arise in order to understand the position of the Serbian population concerning such issues as the domination of the USA and the extension of the neo-liberalism in this country. This suburb feels much like a village because people are very human in their interactions. In a way, I ’ve got the impression that I ’m going back to my childhood in the 1950’s. This certainly encourages personal exchanges with the local population. I’m also very touched that women here are very willing to communicate with us.I have one regret though,that there are not more people of my generation here.Those people who wanted to change the world in 1968.It is a matter of maintaining the vision,which we believed in then.It is disappointing to see how the people of that generation have lost their faith.But …never mind,we shall go on without them!

Maria Fernanda,

PGA looks like a circus, and I ’m from the jungle. I’m from Mexico City, so there ’s never enough noise for me.But the camp is nice and it ’s a good opportunity to learn something about each other, for example tolerance and respect.Although I miss meat and I don’t really eat vegetables,this experience is interesting and life-changing. (work camp group)

Against “patriarchal systems” Michael Philips,39 Germany

organizes an annual radical Of all the subjects being debated in the PGA conference the workshop on gender is the one Michael is the most interested in.As a member of the Queercorruption movement, whichgathering every year, he stands up against everything that perpetuates “gender stereotypes and roles ”and “patriarchal systems ”. The fact that the PGA conference takes place in an eastern European country was also important to persuade him to take a plane from Berlin to Budapest and then a bus to Belgrade. Michael believes that western European activists are sometimes too focused on their own problems and surroundings without realizing that just around the corner,in Europe,everything is very different when it comes to queer issues.He gives us one very good example:in Berlin,where he comes from,his movement has been gathering funds to help the queer and gay movements in Serbia organize their own gay pride parade.This event was supposed to take place in Belgrade this month but it had to be cancelled because anti-homophobic nationalist groups threatened violence.

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Il y aurait des gens aui puent des pieds. D’autres qui ronflent. Attention! Des chef-fe-s seraient infiltre Es parmi nous! Les chiens n’aboient que quand les gens dorment. Les moustiques sont xenophobes. Il y a un crocodile sous la planche de la douche. Les carnivores se sont fait Es manger. Des gens veulent jeter les poubelles. Le PGA serait un camp de Jeunesses Communistes. Sorry guys I was Tired but tomorrow Rumours will be in English, I promise,Anyways this is crap and only English native might laugh to that heavy harcore humour!!!

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Our way of life

The role of the medias is to allow the communication of the society with itself. The control of this communication by the state and private interests is the best way to avoid any embarrassing debates. For example,the media never questions this control.This is why it is necessary to re-appropriate the media. This newspaper is an experiment of this reappropriation. It  is important that everybody can participate in its redaction. For this ,an open meeting is organized every morning,at 10:30, in the computer room, to decide about the content of next day’s paper.

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